Should we consider international expansion?

Should we consider international expansion? 2017-08-07T20:08:12+00:00

International Expansion

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International expansion can represent significant opportunities for earning higher revenues and increasing your company’s market value.

In looking at all markets worldwide the U.S. represents 40 percent of all IT-related money spent in the entire world. For U.S. companies this is interesting – because it means 60% of the market opportunity is beyond their borders. And for companies in other countries this is even more attractive because they can quickly see that by tackling just one market outside of their home market they can be reaching 40 percent of all spending in the industry.

In fact, after the United States the percentage of the world’s IT expenditures in any one country drops off dramatically. According to a study by WITSA and International Data Corporation the spending by the next 10 countries is as follows: