Recruiting Sales Partners

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With The York Group’s worldwide presence it can recruit strong, long-term partners in multiple markets simultaneously, whether the target markets are in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa or India.

The York Group looks for partners who want to make your technology one of their top strategic products and will commit the level of resources, effort and attention needed to make it an integral part of their company’s success. Many times companies will sign agreements with resellers only to find six months later that they were nothing more than one of the 30 “other” products the reseller carried in its portfolio – just in case someone should ask.

The York Group implements a comprehensive process that identifies the best prospects, qualifies them, and then helps negotiate an agreement that is fair and reasonable for both parties. The key elements of the recruitment program include:

Identifying potential partners
The York Group starts with a comprehensive list of places and sources where prospective partners can be found. Significant time and resources are invested in identifying potential prospects. Depending on the complexity of the technology and the depth of the market, this effort will initially identify from 100-200 prospects that meet the preliminary criteria.

Initial contact and follow-up
Each of those prospective resellers is contacted following a proven, step-by-step approach that starts with identifying the decision-makers within the organization. This critical step in the process is conducted by experienced, native-speaking marketing professionals in each country, who are able to establish a good rapport with prospects and really understand their level of commitment to making your technology a strategic focus of their company. This process will usually reduce the prospect list to 10-15 companies.

The qualification process takes the relationship with the prospective resellers to a more in-depth level. It includes a series of steps that are appropriate for each phase of the recruitment process, thereby eliminating sub-optimal performers. The objective is to end up with 3-5 serious, highly-qualified resellers on the short list.

Final agreement
The York Group has years of experience negotiating contracts for clients in technology markets throughout the world. In addition to helping clients with in-depth discussions on the various elements of the contract, The York Group will represent you in the negotiations, helping to bridge cultural differences that can easily lead to misunderstandings and potentially derail a very promising working relationship.